Wednesday, March 18, 2009

El Meson

I'm a huge sucker for Mexican food (surprise). Being from Arizona, I am also extremely spoiled. There are more good Mexican restaurants in every town or city than grocery stores. Not doubt.

So I have been somewhat underwhelemed since relocating to the Midwest. Sure, Taco Rico ( is good, and was my go to place for somewhat authentic cuisine. But it is sometimes hit or miss, and I like consistency. I also like good salsa. And they lack there.

So now we have a new Mexican joint called El Meson (it means big table). Located in the old Burger King/ fish place/ other random restaurants on 52, this place will hopefully be its last tenant and stay there forever. I love it. First off, you can get a darn good lunch for 5 bucks or under. Second, their menu is huge (as all Mexican menus should be) and the food is fantastic. Third, the d├ęcor is so loud and colorful it reminds me of actually being in Mexico (I honestly do not understand the American obsession with brown right now, what is wrong with teal and orange?)

The first time I dined there, it was with a large group of coworkers. The service was good, the chips were warm, and the salsa (which is like mine so I'm biased) was fantastic. Making your own salsa in a Mexican restaurant really goes a long way and is akin to a nice steakhouse making their own bread. As far as the food goes, I have never been disappointed. They usually have a lunch burrito for $5 as well as a really good lunch menu. The fajitas can feed two and their enchiladas are quite good (you can get a plate with bean, chicken, beef, and cheese). It is hands down my favorite Mexican food in the city.


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