Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Pay-Less (and Kroger, and Frys)

The time has come for us to part ways for now. I think you have gotten a little too big-headed for me to hang around in this relationship. I will be honest; I went to Marsh the other day. And I loved it. I enjoyed the better vegetable selection (they actually carry Italian parsley and dried mushrooms), I liked their friendly meat counter which sold more than hamburger and kabobs, and I thought their sushi was great. Fair Pay-Less, I will always remember your fantastic lunch meat and good deals. But the horrible service, the dirty stores, and the dingy fresh food were just too much. I turned a blind eye when I watched you start importing bakery goods from a central hub, and though I was sad, I let it go when you stopped selling good cheese and started providing spreads.

So Pay-Less, it's been a good run, and we had some memories. As I sit here eating this tasty organic apple from Marsh, I am happy of my decision to pursue higher quality and better service, and I hope that some day you can understand.


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